I’ve just had my third CBT session and it was the best one yet. I think it was because I had a really good week. I didn’t really feel anxious, and felt focused more about things.

I had a very bad anxious week the week beginning 8th Feb. I had gone on holiday and instead of relaxing, I got worked up and just felt anxious all holiday. I think maybe it was because I was in unfamiliar surroundings because as soon as I got home I felt less anxious. Reflecting on it though my anxious thoughts were very irrational, I thought I had something wrong with me, this is where I should have used my self CBT, but I didn’t.

Going back to today’s CBT session with my councillor I found it very positive and feel that it is starting to make a difference to the way that I am thinking. We are going to start a new exercise next week using a ball, I’ll update more on that after next weeks session. I am now using the self CBT more, every time I feel anxious about something I write it down and try to think of a revised thought. I am still taking anti-depressants, and I know that I am not going to get better over night.