The past 3 weeks have been great. I have had 2 more CBT sessions and now been left on my own to continue with the self CBT I have been taught, which I find really works. I would recommend anybody suffering with anxiety to try CBT. I have now also learnt to talk to family and friends about what I feel, and whenever I’m anxious. I feel I am going from strength to strength at the moment. I have loads more energy, I am concentrating more, I interact better with work colleagues and I am really looking forward to the future now. During the worst point of all the anxiety and panic attacks I felt very alone and depressed, and could never be excited about the future.

I haven’t had a panic attack for ages now. Even though the CBT is working well, I am still have moments when I feel anxious, but can deal with it easier and it never escalates to full blown anxiety. I am finding now it’s the trigger that’s hard to stop because it’s instant. For example, I had a rash on a dry patch of skin the other day, in about half a second the first thing that came into my head was that I had meningitis. Why would I think that? It was just a patch of dry skin. I didn’t read a book, or check my symptoms on the internet, It was an instant feeling. But I had to tell myself quickly that it wasn’t life threatening and I wasn’t in danger, and thankfully it worked.

I just hope that I keep moving forward J