I have had a few anxious moments this week. All to do with my health again. I had a pain in my right calf and thought I had a blood clot. I had no reason to think this, it was the first thing to pop into my head. The good thing this time is that I have spoken to my partner about this pain, and she is totally supportive. The pain has now gone, which was probably just a pulled muscle, and I’m fine.

I did have to use some of my self CBT techniques today too. I can feel the anxiety coming and can recognise it, apply the techniques. Then it slowly goes and doesn’t turn into a panic attack.

When I feel anxious or like I’m going to have a panic attack it’s a strange feeling. I get a lot of the symptoms like dizziness, tunnel vision, increased pulse and respiration. It feels like I’m in a picture, like I’m not really there, it’s a strange feeling.